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The Budget-Consious Mom's Guide: 20 Amazing Money-Saving Tips for New Moms

Money-Saving Tips for New Moms on a Budget

The Budget-Consious Mom's Guide: 20 Amazing Money-Saving Tips for New Moms

I only endorse things I have personally used or come highly recommended by friends and family. If you grab anything I mention using my referral links, I may get a small commission. However, there’s no extra cost to you. Please don’t spend any money on these products unless you believe they will be helpful to you or assist you to achieve your goals.

Congratulations, new moms! Parenthood is a beautiful and rewarding journey, and I have been in your shoes twice myself but let's be honest, it can also take a toll on your wallet. From diapers to baby gear, the expenses can quickly add up. But fear not, savvy moms!

In this guide, I'll uncover 20 clever and practical money-saving tips to help you navigate the financial challenges of early motherhood.

new mom tips

So, buckle up and get ready for a frugal adventure, as here are my Top 20 money saving tips for new moms:

1. Embrace the Power of Hand-Me-Downs

Believe me ladies, I know how amazing it feels shopping all the cute onesies and baby outfits but I'll let you in on a huge secret that first time moms are often unaware of. Your little one grows faster than you can say "spit-up."

Instead of splurging on brand-new clothes, embrace the magic of hand-me-downs. Friends, family, and online mom groups are excellent sources for gently used baby clothing.

You wouldn't believe what kind of little treasures you can get for free from other moms whose kids have outgrown the baby phase and are not planning on having another one. They need to free up place desperately for new stuff to amass in their basement and also feel good about handing the stuff over to someone who will find value in it and use it.

If you want you can go super picky and just keep things that you really really like and hand the rest down to another expecting mom friend or to your church. Don't knock it until you try it though. It will save you a shit load of money and your baby will wear some of these clothes once maybe two times before it doesn't fit him/her anymore.

And after all, what's cuter than a tiny onesie with a bit of history?

new mom tips

2. Get Crafty with DIY Projects

Tap into your inner Martha Stewart and explore the world of DIY baby gear. From homemade nursery decorations to personalized baby blankets, the possibilities are endless.

Not only will you save money, but you'll also have a creative outlet and a sense of pride in your unique creations.

When I was pregnant with my second son, I kinda got this feelings that moms get during the nesting phase with their second or third ones, where you feel a little bit bad about the fact that this baby is destined to grow up with hand me downs from his bigger brother.

We of course bought him some new stuff but to be honest, most of his "belongins" from clothes, baby toys, crib etc. were previously used by his brother. We even referred to him as the "economy baby" as we already had everything the moment the doctor announced "Its a boy!". My husband couldn't be happier with all the money saved from reusing the blue stuff and gear he kept stashed in the garage once again, that mind you was in excellent condition. But I wanted this baby to have some thing of his own, so I ordered some super cute minky and flannel fabrics from, took out my old but trusty sewing machine, watched a few YouTube tutorials and got working.

The results? With less than $30 ($29.33 to be exact) I made 3 baby blankets and 2 baby flannel sleeping bags for him. It was exactly what I needed to feel better about it as they were extremely cute and made with a lot of love.

See tutorials on how to make your own below:

3. Bulk Buying for the Win

When it comes to everyday essentials like diapers, wipes, and formula, buying in bulk can be a game-changer.

Warehouse clubs and online retailers often offer substantial discounts on bulk purchases, ensuring that you're always prepared without breaking the bank. Remember, a well-stocked diaper stash is a mom's secret weapon!

new mom tips

4. Coupon Clipping like a Boss

Ah, the art of couponing. Become a master of savings by clipping coupons and keeping an eye out for special promotions and deals.

You'll be surprised at the amount of money you can save on baby essentials and groceries. Who said being a mom couldn't be a thrilling scavenger hunt?

new mom tips

5. Breastfeeding is Budget-Friendly

Breastfeeding not only provides numerous health benefits for your baby but also helps you save a significant amount of money on formula. Invest in a good breast pump, and with a little practice, you'll become a milking maestro. Plus, those bonding moments are priceless!

new mom tips

I had the most amazing pump during my breastfeeding journey and could not recommend it enough. Check it out HERE

Breastfeeding is Budget-Friendly

6. Ditch the Disposable Diapers

In the great diaper debate between cloth and disposable, parents often choose cloth for its environmental and financial benefits. While the environmental impact of cloth diapers may be debated, the fact remains that one cloth diaper can replace many disposables.

The cost savings depend on the type of cloth diaper and the number of diapers in your stash. You can be thrifty by buying secondhand or getting creative with absorbent materials like flour sack towels or old T-shirts.

Plus, cloth diapers have an unexpected potty-training perk – kids may learn faster because they can feel when they're wet. Consider cloth diapers as a cost-effective alternative to disposables. They may require a bit more effort in terms of laundry, but they can save you a ton of money in the long run. Your baby's bottom will thank you, and so will your wallet.

Find comfortable, recyclable, and reusable alternative to disposable diapers HERE

Ditch the Disposable Diapers

7. Secondhand Strollers and Gear

Let's face it, babies outgrow their gear faster than you can say "naptime." Instead of buying new strollers, high chairs, and other baby equipment, explore secondhand options. Your baby won't know the difference, but your wallet certainly will. Try your luck at the below sources:

- Online Classifieds Websites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Kijiji are popular platforms for buying and selling used items. You can search for strollers in your local area, contact sellers directly, and negotiate prices. Don't forget to thoroughly inspect the stroller before purchasing to ensure it meets your needs and safety requirements.

- Joining online parenting communities, forums, and Facebook groups dedicated to buying and selling baby items can be a treasure trove for finding secondhand strollers. These communities often have members looking to sell their pre-loved strollers at reasonable prices. You can also post your specific requirements and see if anyone has a suitable stroller available.

- Visit local consignment stores or baby-specific consignment shops in your area. These stores specialize in selling gently used baby items, including strollers. Keep in mind that inventory can vary, so it's a good idea to call ahead or check their website to see if they have strollers available.

new mom tips

- Keep an eye out for garage sales and yard sales in your neighborhood or nearby areas. People often sell baby items, including strollers, at discounted prices during these events. It's worth driving around on weekends or checking local listings to see if any sales are happening.

- Explore thrift stores and Goodwill locations near you. While they may not always have strollers in stock, it's worth checking regularly as inventory changes frequently. You might stumble upon a hidden gem at a fraction of the original price.

- Platforms like eBay or online auction websites can also be a source for secondhand strollers. Browse through the listings, filter by your preferences, and place bids on items that catch your interest. Remember to factor in shipping costs and thoroughly read the item descriptions and seller reviews before making a purchase.

- Attend baby expos, parenting fairs, or community events where vendors and individuals may be selling used strollers. These events often bring together a variety of baby-related products and services, providing an opportunity to find secondhand strollers at competitive prices.

new mom tips

- Spread the word among your friends, family, and acquaintances that you're looking for a secondhand stroller. You might be surprised to find out that someone you know has a stroller they no longer need and is willing to part with it at a reasonable price or even lend it to you temporarily.

8. Plan Your Meals

Preparing meals in advance not only saves time but also helps you save money. Plan a weekly menu, make a grocery list, and stick to it. By avoiding unnecessary trips to the store and minimizing food waste, you'll be amazed at how much you can trim off your grocery bill.

Download my FREE Weekly Meal Plan: Weekly Meal Plan

9. Mommy and Me Playdates

Who says playdates are only for kids? Organize mommy and me playdates with fellow moms in your community. Share toys, books, and other baby essentials.

It's a win-win situation: your baby gets to socialize, and you get to save money while enjoying some adult conversation. Don't forget the coffee!

new mom tips

10. Explore Free Local Activities

Check out your community for free or low-cost activities for you and your baby. Libraries often offer storytime sessions, parks provide a great space for outdoor play, and local community centers may organize baby-friendly events. Not only will your baby be entertained, but your budget will also be happy.

11. Take advantage of freebies

Keep an eye out for free samples, baby product trials, and promotions. Companies love giving away samples to new moms, so sign up and enjoy the goodies.

After conducting research on the topic (and watching lots of unboxing videos on YouTube), below is a list of the programs that give great value through their freebie offers and that don't have too much in the way of a catch — so the result is free baby samples that are totally worth it. They'll bring you one step closer to being the most budget-conscious and in-the-know parent around.

12. DIY Baby Food

Skip the expensive jars of baby food and try making your own. Pureeing fruits, vegetables, and even proteins like chicken or fish is easier than you might think.

Not only will you save money, but you'll also have control over the ingredients, ensuring your little one gets the freshest and healthiest meals.

new mom tips

13. Borrow Books and Toys

Babies and toddlers quickly outgrow their toys and books, so why not borrow them instead of buying new ones?

Explore your local library for a vast selection of age-appropriate books, or organize a toy-swapping event with other moms. Your baby will have new toys to play with, and you'll save a bundle.

14. Opt for Generic Brands

When it comes to diapers, wipes, and other baby essentials, consider trying out generic or store-brand options.

They often provide the same level of quality as their more expensive counterparts but at a fraction of the cost. Your baby won't notice the difference, but your bank account certainly will.

15. Use Cloth Wipes

In line with using cloth diapers, why not switch to cloth wipes as well? Disposable wipes can be pricey, especially when used in large quantities. Invest in a set of reusable cloth wipes and make your own wipe solution with water and a gentle baby wash. It's environmentally friendly and wallet-friendly.

Good for the environment and your wallet, you will find cloth wipes that are a cost-effective alternative to disposable wipes and are gentle on skin and easy to clean HERE

Use Cloth Wipes

16. Choose Free or Affordable Activities

Look for local community centers or organizations that offer free or low-cost classes or activities for babies and toddlers.

From music classes to baby yoga, there are often budget-friendly options available to stimulate your baby's development and provide opportunities for social interaction.

17. Optimize Your Baby Registry

When creating a baby registry, focus on essentials rather than luxury items. Prioritize items like diapers, clothes, feeding supplies, and nursery essentials.

Optimize Your Baby Registry

Be practical and consider long-term usability. Remember, a diaper pail might not be as exciting as a cute onesie, but it's a must-have!

The BEST online Baby Registry is HERE

new mom tips

18. Buy in Off-Season Sales

Take advantage of off-season sales to stock up on baby clothes for the future. Retailers often offer deep discounts when seasons change.

Purchase clothes in larger sizes or for the following year, and you'll have a well-stocked wardrobe for your little one without paying full price.

I usually buy most of our summer clothes during the summer sales and winter clothes during the winter sales, like many people do. But here's my little twist: I buy clothes for the next summer and winter sizes. Surprisingly, this trick has hardly ever resulted in clothes that don't fit. And when it did, my second son could wear them, so nothing goes to waste. This way, my kids still get to wear cute clothes with their favorite characters, and I save a big chunk of money, getting everything at least 50-60% off the regular prices. When you've been a mom for a while and you know how fast your baby grows, this trick is the ultimate money-saver for clothing.

new mom tips

19. Exchange Services with Other Parents

Create a network of fellow parents and explore the possibility of exchanging services. Offer to babysit for a friend in exchange for a night of free babysitting in return.

You can also trade skills like cooking, cleaning, or even DIY projects. It's a win-win situation that saves money and builds a supportive community.

20. Save for the Future

Lastly, don't forget to set aside a small amount of money each month for your baby's future. Whether it's a college fund, a rainy day fund, or an investment account, a little saving today can go a long way in providing financial security for your child's future.

new mom tips

Motherhood is a beautiful journey filled with love, joy, and, of course, the occasional diaper blowout. By implementing these 20 money-saving tips, you can navigate the financial challenges of early motherhood with wit, creativity, and a frugal mindset.

Remember, being a thrifty mom doesn't mean sacrificing quality or happiness—it's all about finding the perfect balance. So go forth, supermoms, and conquer the world (one budget-friendly step at a time)!

Happy saving, and enjoy the incredible adventure of motherhood!

With love and financial empowerment,



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